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Body image is important to all of us.  Unwanted hair growth on certain parts of our body can develop into
an adverse perception of body image, affecting our
self esteem, self confidence, emotional satisfaction 
and our need for socialization. 

Unwanted hair growth can develop into an adverse perception of your body image.  Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method of hair removal.
Do you have dark wiry hair, protruding from your cheeks, chin, breast, abdomen or other areas
of your body?  Kristine Mandros Electrolysis can help perfect your look, by removing unwanted hair permanently.
Individuals actively seek Electrolysis for many reasons. Electrolysis can be a life changing event. Electrolysis
can increase your self-confidence, perfect your look
and deepen your self-satisfaction.  Electrolysis can enhance your outer appearance.
Electrolysis is gender, age, skin and hair color
friendly.  All types of hair ... thick, thin, curly,
straight, light, dark and even gray can successfully
be removed permanently.  Electrolysis can be a life changing transformation.
The Home page describes how unwanted hair can affect how we view our self.  Electrolysis can be a transforming life event.  Kristine Mandros Electrolysis has the skill and knowledge to help you perfect your look by removing unwanted hair permanently.Electrolysis is cost effective.  Consider the cost of  Electrolysis treatments to become permanently hair free, verses the cost of any temporary method over a life
time.  No more plucking, waxing, shaving, creaming or bleaching.

Hair removal can be eliminated almost on any part
of the body, on all skin types, on any skin color and
any color or texture of hair.

Once a hair is permanently removed, it is gone forever.  No longer will you be embarrassed or have to conceal, camouflage or mask your unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is safe, approved by the FDA, and recognized by medical organizations and health
care professionals throughout out the world.  Electrolysis is the Gold Standard of hair removal.

Hairline          Chin            Cheeks        Back
Sideburns       Arms           Beard          Legs
Eyebrows        Feet             Chest          Ears
Underarms     Neck            Hands         Breast
Upper Lip       Abdomen    Shoulders   Bikini Area

(Bikini Area:  Shaping and clean-up only)
Hair removal can be eliminated almost on any part
of the body, on all skin types, on any skin color and
for any color or texture of hair.
Kristine Mandros Electrolysis is focused on providing high quality, client centered service and client satisfaction.  Kristine Mandros, C.T. will exceed your expectations in skill and knowledge of permanent hair removal.

The initial consultation appointment is Free.
A medical history will be obtained. Electrolysis information will be provided, to enable you to
make an educated decision regarding your plan
of treatment. Your questions and concerns are
always welcomed and addressed.

Kristine Mandros Electrolysis welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best service in the industry. 

Kristine Mandros Electrolysis Website contains
many insights related to Electrolysis and you
are encouraged to review the information that
is provided.
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